Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British main objective is to provide high quality distance learning programs on Accredited Professional Diplomas, Accredited Higher Group Diploma, Accredited Bachelor Degree with Honours, Accredited Master Degree with Honours and Accredited Doctoral business degree for those who wish to improve their skills and acknowledges insub-specializeprograms in principles of management discipline or specialize in a single activity such as Business, Purchasing, Stores Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting,  Economics, Business Law, Marketing, Production Management, etc.,

  1. To encourage through education, guidance and training of the relevant management information.
  2. To recognize through the awarding of Northern Ireland Accredited Professional Diplomas, Accredited Group Diplomas, Accredited Bachelor, Accredited Master and Accredited Doctorate degrees to those who have  spent months – years of hard work and successfully complete the whole course of study, pass all  the assignments and Final examination.
  3. To practice and apply in the field of international finance, trade, industry, services, marketing and management.
  4. To encourage affiliation with organizations, societies, associations and institutions to project good image, good reputation and recognition of the graduates worldwide.