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Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British (UK) sa was founded as a Professional British Business University.  It has rapidly grown into an international reliable, reputable and excellent University of Distance and Higher Education University globally. Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British (UK)  initially has attracted students and chartered members from Australasian, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Canada, Great Britain and America. Today, it has become one of the largest international distance learning universities internationally. Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British (UK) reputation stood solidly on the quality of its graduates as they prove themselves in their jobs.  Our graduates are internationally acknowledged and respect around the world for their achievement in trade, science, technology and industrial sectors.

*Northern Ireland Univ of Burliness and Technology British (UK)  is a unique and successful Professional British Distance Education Provider. We always thinking about how to upgrade our products and services at all time. The university seeks change – we leave the circle of old fashions to innovation. We enthuse over all our students, graduates, chartered members and shock the competitors with outstanding products and services.  Personal growth and university growth go hand in hand.  We urge our students, graduates and chartered members to expand their personal experience and seed new successes.  The behavior of our students, graduates and chartered members worldwide is guided by our core values – integrity, courage, bravery, creative, positive thinking, good attitude, good character, discipline, honesty, humble, friendly  and hard working.

*Abbreviation: Univ stands for University

Integrity is the main key of career success.

Important advice to graduates:
Beware of cyber theft, fraudsters and scammers nowadays.



Dr. R. Hempfing (Lawyer)., BA(Law)., MBA., PhD., C.Mgt.FNIU British
President cum Chairman of Board of Examiners
Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British (UK) sa is lawfully registered  with the Government of British Virgin Islands.  British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom which, although they do not form part of the United Kingdom itself, falls under its jurisdictionThey are remnants of the British Empire and have voted to remain British territories.  The name “British Overseas Territory” was introduced by the British Overseas Territories Act 2002, and replaced the name British Dependent Territory, which was introduced by the British Nationality Act l981.  Before 1981, the territories were known as Crown colonies (British Crown Territories).

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