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Accredited professional certificate, professional diploma and professional degree programs by distance learning.

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Photos of graduates from Northern Inreland University and their success stories.



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NIU BRITISH, THE UNIQUE WAY : Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British (UK) sa was founded as a Professional British Business University. It has rapidly grown into an international reliable, reputable and excellent University of Distance and Higher Education University globally. Northern Ireland Univ of Business and Technology British (UK) initially has attracted students and chartered members from Australasian, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Canada, Great Britain and America.

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“Having conducted numerous successful workplace sessions in the public and private sector, I needed an institution that could enable me to re-brand me for strategic challenges in the world of business and management. A lengthy search led me to Northern Ireland, a higher institution that has met and exceeded my expectations. My workplace status has changed with added responsibilities and respect from my colleagues. I can now face the future business consultancy and training with confidence with the prestigious award of a Northern Ireland PhD degree in Business and Management”.

Dr. Andrew Anyona, PhD.

“For your information, I have shown Northern Ireland BBA(Hons)LogMgt degree certificate to my employer and my boss was very happy with my achievement. Thanks for your help, assistance and guidance. My Boss is offering me a permanent Job. I am trying my best to complete my Master Degree in Logistics Management within this year. Thank you.”

Tomson Ango, BBA(Hons)LogMgt.
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